Personal Projects

The universal face- what does it mean to be Italian?
This project focuses on the new generation and what it means to come from such a mixed background. The concept displays how kita embraces her Italian side:

Kita“There is no cliche look to an Italian woman as they are all different in their own way; unless you want to adopt the stereotypes society tells us. They tell us an Italian woman is light/ olive skin, dark hair and dark eyed. Yes I have those features however my family taught me being a Italian woman is being a strong woman for herself and family, a lover of great food and amazing wine sometimes, however… isn’t this just the many characteristics woman have? Yes she isn’t just Italian she’s universal” “Don’t bound yourself to stereotypes, a woman has so many powerful features one is by embracing your difference as a gift to this world. You are different yet the same. beauty has no definition. Neither does a “Italian woman”

So Set the trend be your own amazing woman.

Project created/directed by Kita & Michael